Teens Work at Chick-fil-A (Hospitality Team)

Overland Park, KS

At Chick-fil-A 135th and 69 Highway, we strive to be the best job around for students. Providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere for our Team Members is one of our top priorities. Chick-fil-A is more than a job...here you will learn about personal responsibility and accountability, how to prioritize tasks and how to create meaningful relationships with both Guests and your fellow Team Members.

We go beyond serving Guests delicious chicken - we want to positively influence everyone we come in contact with. If you have the character, commitment and interest in being part of Chick-fil-A, we will train you!

How old do I have to be to work at Chick-fil-A 135th & 69 Hwy?

At least 16. We hire high school students and they work every position our college students and adults work (with the exception of Kitchen positions unless they are 18 or older). We hire only the best and expect them to rise to the challenge!

How much will I be paid?

Chick-fil-A 135th & 69 Hwy offers a very generous starting rate of pay for teens of $13/hour.

What hours am I expected to work?

  • Flexible daytime and evening schedules are available.

  • We expect teens to work (on average) a minimum of 12 hours/week. Teens can work up to 40 hours per week assuming it does not conflict with schoolwork and extra curricular activities.

  • You will have the opportunity to set your availability and include hours that you prefer to work. All teens are expected to be available to work until 10 p.m. on the days that they are available. This does not mean that you will always work until 10 p.m. (unless it is your preferred availability); it just allows us the flexibility to cover shifts when other Team Members need a day off.

  • Saturdays are required. We understand you will need a Saturday off from time to time, but all Team Members are expected to work Saturdays.

  • We will work together to set your availability to fit both your needs as well as the needs of our business. Once this availability has been agreed upon, we will not schedule you outside of the times you are available.


Hospitality Team: For those who love engaging new people, listening well, quickly serving them with patience and kindness, and lifting someone's spirits who may be a bit down with Chick-fil-A's unique style of hospitality.

All roles require:

  • Respect for all Leadership and Team Members

  • An upbeat can-do attitude and team player

  • Reliability, dependability and follow-through

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Top-notch communication skills

  • Kindness towards others...treating every person you encounter with honor, dignity and respect


  • Pay rate based on work experience and pay increases are based on a combination of attitude, schedule flexibility, performance and skill – learn more to earn more!

  • We can create a work schedule around your life commitments

  • Full-time, part-time, daytime and evening schedules available with flexibility for getting time off and adjusting to seasonal changes in your life

  • Every Sunday off

  • Minimum of one free meal per shift (two if working longer shifts) and discount when you're not working

  • Leadership Scholarship opportunity

  • Retirement fund matching

  • Health insurance available for those who qualify

  • Work in a professional, respectful environment with a diverse group of individuals

  • Leadership roles available for experienced candidates and promotion to Leadership available for any Team Member who aspires to grow through performance and training

Our grooming standards include these guidelines:

- Facial hair must be neatly trimmed (defined lines) and not longer than 1/2" in length.

- No facial piercings (clear plug may be worn while working)

- Hair color must be naturally colored (i.e. no blue, purple, pink etc. hair colors)

- No visible tattoos on the face or neck

This position requires a minimum of 16 years of age.

COVID-19 precautions

We follow COVID-19 Guidelines as provided by Chick-fil-A Inc in accordance with recommendations from the CDC.