Kitchen Shift Leader (Evenings)

Overland Park, KS

The responsibility of the Shift Leader is to protect the interest of the operator in the practicing and maximizing of operational excellence, quality, training, and profit-generating procedures throughout their shift.

Most importantly, the Shift Leader's responsibility is to ensure that the first and last contact with guests is both memorable and remarkable through ensuring food quality and safety.

The  Kitchen Shift Leader must exemplify the actions, decision-making skills, and responsibilities of operating a successful restaurant. Their primary job is setting the overall tone and atmosphere of the restaurant during their shift. Operational efficiency, skill development, food safety,  and community building are a constant thought in the mind of this leader.

This hands-on leader must be a teacher at heart and must be energized by a quick-paced environment. The Shift Leader must be engaged daily in the following 5 areas:

• Vision

  • Support the vision of the operator.
  • Commitment to personal growth and development.
  • Support, practice, and encourage a High-Performance Organization (HPO) culture. This leader may have to adapt and change their approach shift-to-shift depending upon the talent on duty or the level of business needing support.
  • Share short-term and long-term goals with the leadership team as well as team members.

• People

  • Coach and develop all team members
  • Observe for inconsistent food portioning
  • Model and support clear communications between the front counter and boards.
  • Take disciplinary action in writing or verbally to any individual reporting to you on your shift.
  • Coach and develop “self-leadership skills” of team members during their shift
  • When required, support the Kitchen Director in implementing sound individualized training and development. Provide training feedback and observations of new team members to the Kitchen Director.
  • Ensure opening and closing security measures are in place to protect your staff. Report all security or safety incidents to the operator and Executive Director.
  • Embrace continuous improvement plan for the development of all leaders, ambassadors, contributors, emerging leaders, and employees.

• Quality Customer Experience

  • The Kitchen Shift Leader must always ensure a watchful eye on the restaurant. If you must leave the restaurant, ensure that a Director or Shift Leader is left in temporary charge of the restaurant.
  • Ensure that the 1st Mile of service is taken care of (Operational Excellence) and that 2nd Mile Service opportunities are taken.
  • Ensure opening and closing food safety and restaurant safety measures are in place to protect staff. Report all safety incidents to the Operator and Executive Director or Kitchen Director.
  • As a steward, oversee all facilities and ensure equipment are in proper working order before, during, and after your shift
  • Ensure our food safety standards exceed local and FDA food code standards and that all equipment is working properly
  • Support continuous improvement plans for quality and customer experience.

This is a full-time position Evening Kitchen Shift Leader Position with hours from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Fridays and Saturdays are required. NO SUNDAYS. Experience is not necessary; will train the right candidate. Starting pay for this position is $17.50 an hour.

COVID-19 precautions

We follow COVID-19 Guidelines as provided by Chick-fil-A Inc in accordance with recommendations from the CDC.